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Here is a look at some past classes that we have had for our Lifelong Learning meetings.

State of the City of Morgan Hill

“Great communities like Morgan Hill do not happen by chance. It takes good planning, vision, and fortitude to achieve greatness. Morgan Hill would not be the same if we did not have the Centennial Recreation Center, the Library, the Community and Cultural Center, the Dennis Kennedy Aquatics Center, or our beautiful Downtown. I want to thank the many elected officials, the community leaders, our City partners and the many, many volunteers that have made Morgan Hill what it is today.” - Mayor Rich Constantine


Join us as Christina Turner, City Manager of Morgan Hill, gives us an update about some of the activities that are happening in our City currently and in the future. Learn about some of the challenges that exist while the City continues to provide great service despite rising costs.

Cybersecurity: Prevent Scams

​Practicing cyber safety can go a long way toward protecting your identity and sensitive personal information.  It may be difficult to achieve perfect security but our computers helpers will help you to make yourself a more difficult target.  Learn some tips to help keep you safe online, IRS scams, email phishing, stealing account passwords and more.  This class is the 2nd class in a series presented by our Computer Co-Pilots.  

Lessons of the Past: A Historical Viewpoint of WWII

We all knew, we are going to go battle. And we expect to win. But we never knew what immediate death was like until we hit the frontline on the first day.”  - Lawson Sakai

At a mere 21 years old in 1944, Lawson Sakai had seen and learned more about the stark realities of humanity, war, and loss than so many other people his age. After trying to enlist in the U.S. Navy in the wake of Pearl Harbor, he was denied the opportunity to serve his country due to the irrational, anti-Japanese fervor sweeping the West Coast.  But when word got out that a segregated unit comprised entirely of young Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) was being formed in 1943, Lawson’s  desire to serve outweighed the sting of forced removal and anti-Japanese sentiment. “I’m just a young kid, not in politics, all I know is this is my country,” he says.

Join us as Lawson Sakai, a true American hero, tells his personal story about what happened to him after December 7, 1941. 

Exploring the Azores

Have you always wanted to visit the Azores?  Then join us as Al Pinheiro from Caravelle Travel talks with us about the culture and atmosphere of the beautiful Azores off the coast of Portugal.  The Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, are an        archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. The islands are characterized by dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, green pastures and     hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. São Miguel, the largest, has lake-filled calderas and the Gorreana Tea Plantation. Pico is home to the 2,351m Mt. Pico and vineyards sheltered by boulders.

Infection and Immunity

Are you concerned for your health?  Would you like to learn more about your immune system and how it protects the body, how we can aid in that protection? Join us as Linda D. Caren, PhD and Biology Professor Emerita at California State University, Northridge presents information on infection and immunity. 

The immune system is a double-edged sword that can cause allergies and auto-immune diseases. With aging, part of the immune systems may be less robust, but that decline may help protect us from the increased incidence of autoimmune disease seen in seniors.

Dr. Caren has taught Medical Microbiology and Immunology throughout her career. She is coming to talk to us once again about the following important topics: vaccines, infections,  immune system and immunotherapy for cancer.

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