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Second Harvest Food Bank Meals


Second Harvest is an essential service provider during the COVID-19 pandemic and remains fully operational to ensure everyone in our community has access to nutritious food. 

As our community responds to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley remains committed to our mission knowing that our most vulnerable community members are deeply and disproportionately impacted by public crises such as this.

For a listing of meals in South County:  Morgan Hill and Gilroy


Institute on Aging (IOA) connects seniors to resources. 


Are you a senior who needs assistance with daily life, or know of someone in that situation? The Institute on Aging (IOA) is a local non-profit organization that serves low-income, disabled and/or aging adults, and connects them with much-needed community resources and health services.

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In short, IOA can help a senior or disabled adult who is:

• Low income
• Having difficulty accessing food
• Needs assistance with shopping
• Having difficulty managing their medications
• Isn’t going to or is having difficulty getting to doctor appointments
• Seems to be having difficulty managing their medical care
• Seems depressed
• Seems socially isolated or lonely
• Has difficulty with transportation
• Has dementia
• Needs assistance with meal preparation, bathing and/or grooming
• Needs assistance getting connected to community benefits and services
• Is a fall risk

A special focus is the Community Living Connection program, to help seniors live independently in the community. The program partners with several local hospitals and county health agencies.  For more information: 

Community Living Connection

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